Shiva Anoushirvani is an artist born in Tehran/Iran1979. She is based in Stockholm. Anoushirvani graduated from Goldsmith’s University of London in Fine Art, Studio Practice and Contemporary Critical studies program in 2005. Before that she went to a foundation art school, the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art from 2000 to 2002 in Bohuslan/Sweden, were she is a head teacher since 2016.

Anoushirvani is also part of a research team "Work a Work" at The Royal Art Academy in Stockholm since Januari 2017.

She is working in film, photography, installation, and performance; her performances are mostly including film and her installations have lately been involving drawing and sculptural parts. Her interest is based on psychological codes and social structures and focuses on these thematics through their impact on both individuals and on society as a whole. Her practice questions and examines power relations mostly focusing on the notion of lack of power.