Myth of Reality is a project involving nine artists and a writer who has been invited to submit a "work in art format". The artists and writers' interpretations of myth today are mainly presented in a small flat in Stockholm, but also throughout other parts of the city. The main topic of the project deals with myth and the mythologies present in our everyday actions, as well as exploring myth as a general term; the artists have also been invited to reflect upon the potentially mythical role of the artist as a professional in society.

The idea behind the Myth of Reality exhibition is based on the book Mythologies by the French social theorist and Philosopher Roland Barthes. The book is a compilation of articles he wrote for the French magazine Les Lettres Nouvelles between 1954 and 1956. Barthes definition of myth is mostly related to everyday events; everything from popular culture and politics to people's attitudes towards motorcars, milk and wine is analysed in a transparent manner, pairing criticality with humour. Barthes was deeply fascinated by all that existed within the reign of the everyday and referred all from the construction of society, down to the nitty gritty parts of casual everyday occurrences, to the mythical. On his part, myth is constructed by false representation and is based on a faulty belief. Although his total work was published during the 1950-s, the content of the text is certainly applicable to our society today.

Barthes analyses of myth as an elaborated and constructed, therefore faulty, belief provides a platform for the exhibition. Emerging artists from England, Sweden, France, Iran and Austria have been called to examine their embedded perceptions of myth. Reflecting on the way the mythical trickles through everyday actions, the Myth of Reality exhibition also encourages scrutiny into the contemporary art fields' involvement with the central theme of everyday myth. Some of the artists have submitted older pieces of art, while others have created new work for the purpose of the show.

The exhibition opens in a home, a place of recognition for most of us, and also a place where myths have always been created. In a small 24m2 apartment in Stockholm, works are displayed and presented in different forms. Some artists have chosen to work site-specific. The curator and the creator of the M&R project, Shiva Anoushirvani, has chosen to install the work as an integral part of the interior.

Spell,  Artist: Lo Hillarp

The Holy Fruit,   Artist Shiva Anoushirvani